It’s Not Always Sexy, But It’s Real

… but let’s start with the sexy part first.

The First Encounter

Unlike other breathwork techniques, SOMA Breath has specifically designed brainwave music that’s designed to drop you into a deep meditative state. I didn’t know that at the time. All I heard was this deep base-y frequency beating to a rhythm of a heart that both excited me and captivated me into a nervous anticipation.

I was in a home that I knew well, perched on the edge of a volcanic crater around beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala so the stage was set after I felt safe and explorative.

I had done…

So, Let’s Get Real

If the whole of existence was reduced down to just two simple characteristics it could be said that it’s either life or death.

But we could also say that it’s either with or without breath, male or female, day or night, up or down, high or low…

Or… sexy or not sexy.

For the sake of this blog post let’s stick with the whole of existence being characterised as either sexy or not sexy, just because we can.

For many of us life is to be experienced fully, with all of its highs and lows enjoyed and agonised along the…

Here’s how to find your way.

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The great paradox

To take things seriously you’ve got to know that it works, but for you to know that it works, you’ve got to take it seriously. This is the great paradox that can stop people from going far enough to know that it’s even possible.

A big part of the process is learning to trust but there are also a few other pointers that we can hold on to for comfort. One of those is your creative passion. If you enjoy writing then it’s a lot easier to continue, with or without success.

Writing (following your creative passion) is your success.

And how it can even save lives

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It takes 43 muscles (according to FACS) for the face to smile. It takes just 11 to frown (Wikipedia). That’s nearly 4x the amount of effort required but if you knew that that simple gesture could save someone’s life, would you be willing to put in the extra effort?

A man threw himself off of the Golden Gate Bridge in San Fransisco over 10 years ago now in a last-ditch attempt to leave this life behind, and he succeeded, all because of a smile. …

Use this analogy to help you stay on track

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If you’re wanting to share your affiliate links with someone it’s probably because you want them to experience the product/opportunity that you’re promoting.

Your journey as a bus driver begins when you start promoting this product/opportunity with others.

Some people will have been waiting for your bus to arrive for years and will gladly hop on and ride with you straight away. Others will get on and stay for a while but then decide to leave, while there will be others who get on and leave just as quickly.

There will be some that will be at the bus station…

Finding your passion makes all the difference

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Finding your passion

If you’re a writer, your ultimate goal might be to write a book, or publish a blog post every day for a year, or self-publish your new ebook, or any of the other dreams writers may have.

If your goal is to have multiple income streams or to be your own boss, you might be researching all the different avenues to make that happen. You might have even been reading those blog posts that are titled something similar to — ‘If You Read This You’ll Never Have To Work For Anyone Else Ever Again’.

Whatever it might be, it doesn’t…

I heard a man say, and I was hooked.

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That is what I heard from a stranger on a festival stage; a flamboyant Israel man speaking to a group of people that all had their eyes shut.

I did not know I was about to meet a man that was going to be one of the biggest influences in my life. All I knew was that I was struck but what he had said.

As soon as I heard him say, “don’t believe a word I say” I was hooked. …

And how these lessons have stayed with me ever since.

Photo from the writer’s private collection

You might think I’m mad, weird, crazy, a genius, or have finally lost it, depending on how much you like pancakes yourself.

I’m not here to argue, persuade or discourage any opinions. All I want to do is share what I learn about pancakes, and that is: They provide surprising insights on how to live a great life.

If you didn’t think I was crazy before, you probably do now. But bear with me, all will be worth it in just a few minutes.

Lesson 1: A strong foundation is key

First, I like pancakes provide the base for both sweet and savory options. …

It gets better and better

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Wake up, breathe

Ever since I began this journey with Soma Breath my daily practice has been to wake up, make a glass of lemon water and then sit down to breathe.

My favourite track is still the 20-minute initiation brainwave music that Niraj Naik made for the opening week of the 21 day awakening journey so I often listen to that as my daily practice, or tune into one of the other Daily Dose tracks.

Before I found Soma Breath I was looking for a daily breathwork practice for so long but for some reason, none of the other techniques stuck. I…

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The Different Stages of a Breath

  1. Inhale
  2. Pause at the top of the inhale (before the exhale begins)
  3. Exhale
  4. Pause at the bottom of the exhale (before the inhale begins)

By changing the rhythm of our breath or extending or holding each one of these steps for shorter or longer periods, we can dramatically alter our state of being.

In doing so, enormous health benefits open up to us. In this blog, we’re going to explore all the different ways in how this is true.

In Ancient Times

In ancient times breathwork was used to heal illness and connect to spirit. It was said to be the source for…

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