It’s Not Always Sexy, But It’s Real

The First Encounter

Discover why this ancient pastime feels so good

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It’s time to reclaim your power

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You’ve got 10 seconds to convince your readers that you’re worth their time. Make every second count

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On the eve of my 4th self-published book, here are my top tips on making it work.

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It all started when it began to rain. I couldn’t have expected what happened next

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How I remembered

A group of meditators unknowingly changed the world’s view on how peace can be restored

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Maharishi effect

If you want to remain anonymous but would still like to share what you love with the world, then this could be for you

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The introverts paradox

Finding ways to write what I love while making it work has been extremely satisfying

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And how he then turned his knowledge of healing himself of a chronic illness into a flourishing community

Niraj Naik from Soma Breath

Andy Murphy

Writer | Soma Breathwork Facilitator | Entrepreneur

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