A Relationship Expert Explains Why Romance Fades In 5 Words

It’s funny because it’s true

Andy Murphy
4 min readJun 16, 2024
Photo by Katie Moum on Unsplash

When she turned around in the kitchen my first thought was “f*ck.”

My friend had told me that his two friends (a couple) were coming to stay with us for a while and as I loved my friend I was excited to meet who his friends were.

That all went out the window when she turned around to greet me in the kitchen because I fell in love with her immediately.

As cheesy as that sounds it felt more ancestral, as if we somehow knew each other from long ago. The only awkward thing was that her boyfriend witnessed the whole thing because he was standing right next to her.

What transpired in the months that followed was a lot of uncertainty, an inevitable break-up, and a union that’s still going strong today.

Back then, she was the lover I had been longing for — a soul mate to share my life with and someone to start a family.

Today, five years in, things are a little different.

By different, I mean more realistic and grounded.

After any relationship goes through its “honeymoon phase”, they often find a new groove. Out of the all-consuming infatuation stand two human beings still in love, but slightly less…