SOMA Breath — A Personal Experience

It’s Not Always Sexy, But It’s Real

Andy Murphy
6 min readMar 9, 2020


Unlike other breathwork techniques, SOMA Breath has specifically designed brainwave music that’s designed to drop you into a deep meditative state. I didn’t know that at the time. All I heard was this deep basey frequency beating to a rhythm of a heart that both excited me and captivated me into a nervous anticipation.

I was in a home that I knew well, perched on the edge of a volcanic crater around beautiful Lake Atitlan in Guatemala so the stage was set after I felt safe and explorative.

I had done lots of breathwork before and loved it, especially during my Kundalini Yoga Instructor training course.

So I had a sense that I would share breathwork with others one day but of all the different techniques that I had been shown, none of them quite withstood the distance of time.

There was always something missing, even though I didn’t know what the missing part(s) were...

As soon as I heard the beating base-y frequencies that day, however, and the journey that’s followed since I knew I’d found the technique I was hoping for.

I could literally feel the music re-wiring my brain and as I let go and surrendered deeper and deeper into the experience, I could feel my whole body and entire existence dissolve, leaving me in a state of total bliss and at one with all.

Unlike my experiences with other breath work techniques, I still felt grounded in the dissolution. I felt embodied in the unbodied experience, which is something that I had never felt before.

This also got me excited to learn more!

“In its essence the breath is simple, but by its very nature, it’s infinite. Infinite simplified is the joy of sharing breathwork.”

The journey before breathwork

Before I ever found breathwork as a healing modality I had been a SCUBA diving instructor where I saw and felt first-hand how the quality of my breath directly affected the quality of my experience, and…



Andy Murphy